WeedFairy.Net Lawn-Care Terms Of Service, Conditions, And Disclaimer

WeedFairy.Net Lawn-Care Terms Of Service, Conditions, And Disclaimer


1. Our office hours are 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. All schedule changes are made through the office. In order for us to
guarantee a schedule change, i.e. skip service, to get service or add extra services you MUST call before 4:00 p.m. the day prior to your regular
service day. (If your lawn is serviced on Mondays you will need to call Friday before 4:00 p.m.). If the call is received to skip service the day
of the service and the crew shows up at your lawn, you will be charged (we will take the weather into consideration).
2. We run a 7 days rotation, meaning our crews are in the same area of town on the same day of the week, every week. If you call the day of
service and the men have already passed your area, they cannot back track to get it done. It will be done the next week.
3. If you are quoted a price for every 7 days on the Spring and Summer schedule and you choose to do a 14 day rotation, there will be an extra
charge to cover the extra time and work as necessary.
4. If you have been off schedule for an extended time and request to be put back on schedule, when necessary, there will be an extra charge to get
your lawn back in maintenance condition. We will estimate these extra charges at your request.
5. If we have heavy rains during the week, our schedules will run ½ to 1 day behind. The crews continue to work until all possible yards are done.
(We do NOT work on Sunday). Those that are not done will be rescheduled for your regular day the following week.
6. If after a heavy rain, you think that your yard is too wet to cut, please notify the office. This is a decision that the crew will not always make to
your satisfaction. The same is true of drought conditions. If the crew has a ticket, the yard will be serviced. Let the office know, in advance of
service, that you do not want it done. We have tried making these determinations and have found that not everyone sees these conditions in the
same way.
7. We observe national holidays and yards will be done a day earlier or later these weeks.
NOTE: If your beds are on schedule for deweed and/or clean and you have dead plants, the men will not remove the dead plants unless authorized by
the office and that would be at your request.
Bag Removal:
1. We do not haul off bags. If bags are a problem, when possible, we will mulch your yard which will alleviate the bag problem.
2. If you have a specific place you would like the bags placed, call the office and let us know.
1. Our regular service consists of Mow, Edge, Weedeat. We mulch all grass when possible. Grass cannot be mulched when it
if very long or has heavy leaf debris. The grass and debris will be bagged and bags left on the curb unless another location is requested.
2. Debris from work not done by WeedFairy.Net will be picked up and there will be an extra charge, i.e. tree/shrub trimmings, flower bed debris, raked
leaves left in a pile, etc. If trimming, raking, deweeding is done by us, we bag the debris.
3. If there is seasonal debris or debris from weather, i.e. heavy leaf fall or downed limbs there is an extra charge for cleaning it up and bagging it.
4. If you request extra work by the foreman or crew, they will charge extra for the service.
NOTE: The crew is not qualified to diagnose nor required to report any problem with your lawn. If you notice a potential problem, such as
yellowing or brown spots, call the office and someone will come and determine the problem and the cure and estimate the cost.
1. We expect full payment on invoices upon receipt.
2. All accounts over 30 days will begin accruing a $25.00 per month late charge fee.
3. All accounts over 30 days receive a notification letter. If there is no response, the account is continued delinquent to 45 days, service will be
discontinued. We will not resume the yard until the full amount is paid. When service is restored, we will require a check at the time of each
service or advance payment Or Payment On-Line. We do accept all major credit cards.
4. If you service is spotted for non or late payment, when service is resumed there will be an extra charge to get your lawn back in maintenance
condition where necessary.
Returned Checks:
1. If your check is returned to us by your bank unpaid, there is a $25.00 returned check fee per check added to your account. You will receive a
courtesy call when we receive the returned check and a notification letter.
2. If there is no response and/or the returned check and fee is not paid with 10 days of notifications, charges will be filed.
3. If your check is returned to us for no signature, there is a $5.00 check fee added to your account.
4. If payment is not received within 60 days, a mechanical lien will be placed on the property.
1. We do not repair or replace damaged or broken sprinkler heads. Sprinkler equipment failure is not the responsibility of the lawn maintenance
crew, i.e. pop-ups that don’t return to the property position are equipment failure. Equipment installed and working properly should never be
damaged by lawn equipment. WeedFairy.Net will not take responsibility for sprinkler heads/system that are not installed property and as a result are
damaged by our equipment. Before WeedFairy.Net will take responsibility a supervisor will inspect the damage and determine if damage was caused
by crew’s carelessness or negligence. If so determined, WeedFairy.Net may assume responsibility.
2. We will not take responsibility for any exposed wired, cables, electrical cables, etc. that are not installed property and are cut or damaged by
our equipment. If it is determined that damaged was caused by crew’s carelessness or negligence, WeedFairy.Net May assume responsibility.
3. We are not responsible for foreign matter left on the lawn, i.e. toys, hoses, paper, etc.
4. We are not responsible for containing pets on your property. Our crews will make every effort to make sure gates are closed but will not assume
responsibility for your pets. Also, if there is a dog in the backyard on the scheduled service day and our crew feels threatened by the pet we will
not mow the backyard.
5. Finally, when our crew arrives at your property, please make sure all children and pets are inside so they are not exposed to any debris that may
be thrown from the equipment.

Please Pay Through The Website, If This Is Not An Option Then 50% down and the balance is due and payable when last listed specified labor, plant and material is installed.
Landscape modifications may be necessary to maintain the esthetics of the design. Only those changes deemed absolutely necessary will deviate
from the original proposed agreement, drawing, plan or listed plant(s) and/or material as specified.
If any changes are requested by the owner during installation, such as an increase in plants or other materials, or for extra work to be done, not so
described in the proposal or indicated on the submitted landscape plans, a line item charge will be added to the amount so described in the proposal
which is fair and customary for such requested work. Any and all deviations from the above specifications involving extra costs will be executed
only upon written order which will create an extra charge over and above the proposal. All elements of the agreement are contingent upon strikes,
accidents, or delays beyond our control. The proposal does not include materials which may be required should unforeseen problems arise after the
work has started.
WeedFairy.Net shall guarantee that all plant materials shall be delivered and installed in a healthy condition, being 100% free of
any form of pest infestations or fungi/bacterial infections. Should any plant(s) become unsightly or perish due to complications from any said
problems, within 90 days of installation, (seasonal flower or sod guaranteed for 30 days) such plants shall be immediately replaced (subject to
availability) with no cost of plant or labor being charged to the owner. However, if we are removing and transplanting some of your existing plants,
please be advised; their survival depends on the size, age and viability of the plant. There is no guarantee on transplanted plants, As well As non-transplanted plants.
For warranty to be valid, invoice must be paid according to specified terms and our care and watering instructions must be followed. Acts of God
(i.e. lighting, storm, drought, freeze, etc.) or damage due to accidents (i.e. kids, dogs, etc.) or vandalism are not covered by this warranty. Warranty
void if plants are moved.
WeedFairy.Net will not be held responsible for any damage to invisible fence, irrigations systems, television cable or electric lines
to lamp posts, outdoor lighting, etc. Fees to repair any damage will be responsibility of the customer. These lines can be marked by the contractor
who installed them. This service typically involves a nominal fee. The customer is responsible for the fee and contacting the contractor. The cost of
relocating lines will be responsibility of the customer.
Proposals may be withdrawn by us if not accepted within 60 days.

Estimates and quotations

Any estimate or quotation that we give you for the provision of the Services is current at the time and will remain open for acceptance for a period of 90 days from its date.  Your acceptance can be verbal or in writing.  If you wish to accept after the expiry of that period, it may be subject to an additional charge for any changes that have occurred since the estimate or quotation was given.

If following acceptance you terminate this Agreement (for whatever reason) you will be liable to pay us for all work done up to the date of termination and for all goods and materials already purchased or ordered by us for use in the provision of the Services.

Anti-Harassment Policy brief & purpose

Our anti-harassment policy expresses our commitment to maintain a workplace that’s free of harassment, so our employees can feel safe and happy. We will not tolerate anyone intimidating, humiliating or sabotaging others in our workplace. We also prohibit willful discrimination based on [age, sexual orientation, ethnicity, racial, religion or disability.]

This workplace harassment policy applies to all employees, contractors, public visitors, customers and anyone else whom employees come into contact with at work. For more details on how to recognize, report and deal with sexual harassment and harassment from outside our company, Contact WeedFairy.Net via the information at the bottom of this form.

What is the definition of harassment in the workplace?

Harassment includes bullying, intimidation, direct insults, malicious gossip and victimization. We can’t create an exhaustive list, but here are some instances that we consider harassment:

  • [Sabotaging someone’s work on purpose.]
  • [Engaging in frequent or unwanted advances of any nature.]
  • [Commenting derogatorily on a person’s ethnic heritage or religious beliefs.]
  • [Starting or spreading rumors about a person’s personal life.]
  • [Ridiculing someone in front of others or singling them out to perform tasks unrelated to their job (e.g. bringing coffee) against their will.]

Sexual harassment is illegal and we will seriously investigate relevant reports. If an employee is found guilty of sexual harassment, they will be terminated. If A customer, Owner, Manager, Employee, Tenant, Landlord, Agent Or Member of the public is found guilty he and/or she will have any contracts terminated, and face criminal and civil charges and be subject to a fine of $10,000 and up, payable up to 6 months from the time of issue, If the fine is not paid within the allowed time a 10% increase in the fee will be added for each month and/or months it is not paid in full to WeedFairy.Net. We take Harassment very seriously.



By choosing WeedFairy.Net you agree to settle unresolved complaints and disputes through a reputable arbitration company in or near the Central Maine Area, As well as wave the right to sue and/or receive monetary compensation from WeedFairy.Net or any owner, Manager, Employee or agent of the owner, Manager or Employee of WeedFairy.Net or it Affiliates For Any Reason .  You also waive the right to slander, display negatively and/or publicize negatively WeedFairy.Net or any of its affiliates. WeedFairy.Net is not liable For owner, Manager, Employee or agent of the owner, Manager or Employee Actions and/or Speech and mannerisms . The Opinions of owner, Manager, Employee or agent of the owner, Manager or Employee are of there’s and there’s alone and do not represent the opinions of WeedFairy.Net and/or its affiliates. WeedFairy.Net does Not Provide Refunds. By Using The Service You Agree To All Of The terms and Conditions Above.

Please Message with any questions you may have regarding our disclaimer or other service questions. facebook.com/therealweedfairy Or e-mail President@brotherhoodofscience.com